The 7 Best Cheap Stocks to Buy Today

Best Cheap Stocks to Buy Today
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Looking for a cheap stocks to buy today? There are plenty of options out there, but some may be more risky than others. It can be difficult for investors to locate inexpensive stocks to purchase at the moment because the P/E ratios of the majority of S&P 500 firms appear to be extremely high.

This applies to both share price and valuation compared to earnings, given that the majority of stocks are selling at higher prices per share. The average S&P 500 company is currently trading at around 25 times expected future earnings. In more typical markets, historically, S&P 500 companies have traded at approximately 15 times earnings.

Even if the S&P 500 is costly overall, there are still a few cheap stocks that are available for less than $10 per share. Opportunities for value investment are available if you know where to look. Making a list of cheap companies to buy right now necessitates investigating some niche, riskier, underappreciated, or unexplored areas of the market. Even while these cheap stocks may not seem particularly appealing right now, long-term investors who are prepared to be patient and hang onto their shares of these businesses during several market cycles stand to gain.

In this list, there may be shares of marijuana companies, dividend-paying companies, large-cap companies, growth companies, small-cap companies, and even some shares of bitcoin companies. These ten stock picks all have a super-low share price of $10.00 or less in common, despite the fact that these cheap stocks have several unique characteristics.

Benefits of Stocks

There are a lot of benefits of Stocks they are:

1. Stocks offer a number of benefits, including the potential for capital gains and dividends.

2. They also provide an opportunity to invest in companies that may have future success.

3. Finally, stocks can provide diversification and insurance against market volatility.

4. All of these benefits are important considerations when choosing an investment vehicle, so be sure to explore all of them before making a decision.

5. As always, do your research before investing in any type of asset, including stocks.

6. And if you have any questions about stocks or other investments, don’t hesitate to reach out to a professional advisor for help!

Some of the Cheap Stocks to Buy Today

Cheap stocks to buy today are companies with low prices and good fundamentals. Some of the cheapest stocks on the market are those in the technology, biotech, and internet sectors. All three of these industries have seen strong growth recently and offer investors excellent opportunities for long-term gains.

Investors who want to take advantage of cheap stocks today should carefully consider their investment strategy. Some of the best strategies include investing in a diversified portfolio of cheap stocks, using a cost/benefit analysis to determine which stocks to buy, and keeping an eye on company earnings reports. Explore some of the cheap stocks to buy today.


Draganfly cheap stocks to buy today
Stock Price$1.02
P/E Ratio1.2
Consensus RatingBuy
Ratings Breakdown 1 Buy Ratings, 0 Hold Ratings, 0 Sell Ratings.
Consensus Price TargetN/A

Worldwide production and distribution of commercial unmanned aerial vehicles is done by Draganfly Inc. Tracking, live-streaming, flying instruction, Quadcopter, fixed-wing, ground-based robots, handheld controllers, and data-collection software are among its offerings. Additionally, the business provides wireless video systems, simulation advice, specialized engineering and training, and flying training services. The markets it supports include those for mapping and surveying, agriculture, industrial inspections, and public safety. The business was established in 1998, and its Canadian headquarters are in Saskatoon. It is one of the cheap stocks to buy today.


qiwi cheap stocks to buy today
Stock Price$5.67
P/E Ratio1.5
Consensus RatingHold
Ratings Breakdown0 Buy Ratings, 1 Hold Ratings, 0 Sell Ratings.
Consensus Price TargetN/A

QIWI’s logo Along with its subsidiaries, Qiwi plc manages electronic online payment systems principally in the countries of Romania, Kazakhstan, Moldova, Belarus, the United Arab Emirates, and international markets. It functions through the areas of Rocketbank, Consumer Financial Services, and Payment Services. Through a network of over 94,000 kiosks and 19,000 terminals that run its own software, the company provides payment services across online, mobile, and physical channels.

Diversified Healthcare Trust

Diversified Healthcare trust cheap stocks to buy today
Stock Price$1.90
P/E Ratio1.1
Consensus RatingBuy
Ratings Breakdown1 Buy Ratings, 0 Hold Ratings, 0 Sell Ratings.
Consensus Price Target$5.00

DHC is a real estate investment trust (REIT) that owns senior living homes, wellness centers, medical office buildings, and life science facilities across the US. The Newton, Massachusetts-based operating arm of the alternative asset management firm The RMR Group Inc. is in charge of managing DHC. We highly suggest this one in our one of the cheap stocks to buy today list.

Party City Holdco

Party city cheap stocks to buy today
Stock Price$1.38
P/E Ratio1.4
Consensus RatingHold
Ratings Breakdown0 Buy Ratings, 1 Hold Ratings, 0 Sell Ratings.
Consensus Price Target$2.00

Party City Holdco Inc. creates, produces, sources, and sells party supplies internationally. The business is divided into two divisions: retail and wholesale. It sells stationery, metallic and latex balloons, paper and plastic tableware, costumes for Halloween and other holidays, accessories, novelties, presents, and stationery. Nearly 830 specialty retail party stockpile stores, such as franchise locations across North America operating under the names Party City and Halloween City, were being operated by the corporation as of February 28, 2022. The corporation also ran e-commerce webpages, primarily under the web address


LexinFintech cheap stocks to buy today
Stock Price$2.14
P/E Ratio1.6
Consensus RatingHold
Ratings Breakdown0 Buy Ratings, 3 Hold Ratings, 1 Sell Ratings.
Consensus Price Target$5.87

LexinFintech Holdings Ltd. provides online consumer financing services in the People’s Republic of China. The business has two online platforms: Le Hua Card, a scenario-based lending platform, and, an online consumption and consumer finance platform that offers installment purchase and personal installment loans as well as online direct sales with installment payment terms. In addition, it provides Juzi Licai, an online investment platform, the Maiya application, a location-based services shopping experience with buy-now and pay-later options, and technology-driven platform services to improve operating efficiency and service quality, increase revenues, manage financial risks, enhance collections, and lower overall costs.


VEON cheap stocks to buy today
Stock Price$0.47
P/E Ratio2.3
Consensus RatingBuy
Ratings Breakdown1 Buy Ratings, 0 Hold Ratings, 0 Sell Ratings.
Consensus Price Target$2.70

VEON brand Through its subsidiaries, VEON Ltd. offers fixed-line and mobile telecommunications services. Through a variety of wireless, fixed, and broadband internet services, it provides voice, data, and other telecommunications services. The company offers value-added services like mobile bundles, caller number identification, call completion, short messages, multimedia messages, call waiting, data transmission, mobile internet, downloadable content, mobile finance, machine-to-machine, and other services. It also offers national and international roaming services.


Canaan cheap stocks to buy today
Stock Price$4.17
P/E Ratio2.0
Consensus RatingBuy
Ratings Breakdown3 Buy Ratings, 0 Hold Ratings, 0 Sell Ratings.
Consensus Price Target$8.00

Canaan Inc. integrates IC products for bitcoin mining and related components, principally in the People’s Republic of China, and operates in the research, design, and selling of integrated circuit (IC) final mining equipment products. Additionally, it is involved in the distribution and assembly of mining equipment and spare components. In the fields of blockchain technology, datacenter operations, and artificial intelligence research, the company collaborates strategically with Northern Data AG. Chinese company Canaan Inc. was established in 2013 and has its headquarters in Beijing.


There are a number of cheap stocks to buy today that are currently on the cheap side and that could be good investments for investors. Some of these stocks are currently trading at or below their book values, which means that they have room to grow in the future. So, if you’re looking for a way to make some money on the cheap today, consider investing in one or more of these cheap stocks to buy today.