Special offer on your cart: $10 off

Special offer on your cart $10 off
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This email was sent February 20, 2024 10:45pm

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Plus, a reminder of what you left behind


Your next JBL purchase of $150+*

JBL Authentics 300 – Activate offer

Why Buy Direct From JBL.com?

  • Free Shipping
  • Free Returns
  • Expert Product Support

*Use code for $10 off $150+, $30 off $350+, or $50 off $550+. Enter coupon on cart page to redeem discount.

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    Email Key Summary:

    • JBL email offers $10 off on next purchase of $150 or more.
    • Reminder about abandoned cart items.
    • Benefits of buying directly from JBL.com: Free Shipping, Free Returns, Expert Product Support.
    • Code usage for discounts: $10 off $150+, $30 off $350+, or $50 off $550+.
    • Promoted JBL product: Authentics 300.
    • Emphasis on product categories: Speakers, Headphones, Personalize, Gaming, Professional, Refurbished.
    • Disclaimer regarding trademarks and third-party references.