Find deals on devices to make your Presidents’ Day more productive

Find deals on devices to make your Presidents' Day more productive
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This email was sent February 16, 2024 12:10am

This Presidents’ Day email offers exclusive deals on devices, promising up to 44% off. Highlighted items include the Nitro Gaming Laptop with a $500 discount, available for $449.99, and the Aspire XC Desktop/Monitor Bundle at $200 off. The Swift 3 OLED Laptop is featured for its heavyweight performance in a lightweight design, with the sale starting on 2/18. The email aims to enhance productivity with significant savings on Acer value picks, covering laptops, desktops, and monitors.

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Save $500 off a Nitro Gaming Laptop devices

Sale starts 2/18: Enjoy heavyweight performance in a lightweight shell with the Swift 3 OLED laptop – Only $449.99

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Complete your home workspace with stunning savings on an Aspire XC desktop and monitor bundle – $200 off

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Email Key Summary:

  • Presidents’ Day email offers up to 44% off on devices.
  • Nitro Gaming Laptop available for $449.99, saving $500.
  • Swift 3 OLED Laptop showcased for its lightweight design and performance.
  • Aspire XC Desktop/Monitor Bundle offered with a $200 discount.
  • Sale starts on 2/18, emphasizing timely savings.
  • Focus on Acer value picks, spanning laptops, desktops, and monitors.
  • Encourages building a productive home workspace with stunning savings.
  • Urges recipients to shop now for exclusive deals.