50 % Discount – Anthropics PortraitPro Body

50 % Discount - Anthropics PortraitPro Body
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This email was sent February 15, 2024 4:10pm

Anthropics PortraitPro Body is offering a 50% discount on their fast and user-friendly photo editing software, available for $45.00 USD instead of $90.00 USD. The software features an intuitive slider interface for easy and quick full-body portrait editing. With auto markup, automatic body selection, and intelligent controls, users can achieve desired results in less than 10 minutes. The software includes tools for body shaping, skin smoothing, and warp fixing, ensuring natural corrections and optimal proportions. PortraitPro Body processes RAW files and integrates seamlessly with Photoshop.

Email Text Version:

Fast & easy photo editing software!

Anthropics PortraitPro Body

Buy now for $45.00 USD instead of $90.00 USD

Fast & easy photo editing software!

No longer spend hours with complicated and unintuitive editing tools! With PortraitPro Body, you now have the easiest way to edit your full-body portraits. Simply move the sliders to achieve the desired look.

Auto Markup. No more manual selections. PortraitPro Body automatically detects the people in your images, allowing you to edit them even faster. Easy & Fast. Edit your portraits in less than 10 minutes. Intuitive slider interface. Gives you full control over your edits, whether subtle or dramatic, depending on your style. PortraitPro Body processes RAW files and can be run in Photoshop as a smart filter. 100% online help. No call charges, no waiting times.

What can PortraitPro Body do for you?

Body shaping

Body shaping! Shape tools for full-body portraits

The intuitive slider interface makes it easy to fine-tune your edits. Edit photos with minimal effort and great results!

Auto selection

Start editing immediately thanks to automatic body selection. Exclusive to PortraitPro Body!

Automatic body selection! With advanced image recognition technology, you can start editing immediately.

Adjust body shape & size.

Adjust body shape & size! Intelligent controls with extensive sliders for fine-tuning. Optimize problematic areas with just one click! Let your images shine with the right proportions!

Skin smoothing

Smoothen skin easily and naturally and reduce blemishes and shadows.

Smoothen skin & remove blemishes! With ClearSkin™ technology.

Warp Fixer

Easily straighten lines that have been distorted by body shaping.

Correct posture! Natural corrections for camera distortions and less flattering poses.

Email Key Summary:

  • 50% discount on Anthropics PortraitPro Body, now priced at $45.00 USD.
  • Fast and easy full-body portrait editing with an intuitive slider interface.
  • Auto markup and automatic body selection for quicker editing.
  • Intelligent controls for adjusting body shape and size with minimal effort.
  • Features ClearSkin™ technology for natural skin smoothing and blemish removal.
  • Warp Fixer corrects distortions caused by body shaping.
  • Processes RAW files and functions as a smart filter in Photoshop.
  • Offer valid until $90.00 USD, providing a cost-effective solution for efficient photo editing.