Just For Book Lovers: $10 Coupon

Just For Book Lovers $10 Coupon
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This email was sent February 15, 2024 9:00pm

Unlock a $10 discount for book lovers on orders over $30. Use code LUV4 at checkout. Explore enchanting coloring books, new releases, and categories like satire, dysfunctional relationships, poetry from presidents, and cute children’s books. Celebrate Chinese Lunar New Year with fantastical dragons and more. The offer ends on February 16, so save now. Enjoy everyday free shipping on orders over $25.

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Find Books You’ll Love and Save!

 A Sweet Deal for Book Lovers!

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Book lovers, celebrate your love of books with a sweet discount of $10 off your orders of $30 or more. Simply use Coupon Code LUV4 during checkout. Browse our new website for enchanting coloring books, featuring gnomes, fairies, fashion, and even fantastical dragons, to celebrate the Chinese Lunar New Year. Shop for satirical stories and dysfunctional relationships from authors Dorothy Parker (Such a Pretty Little Picture and Other Stories) and Willa Cather (My Mortal Enemy), poetry from presidents, and more. And there are loads of cute, fun, and educational children’s books. Discover more in our new web store and save before this offer ends on Friday, February 16.


Everyday Free Shipping on orders of just $25

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  1. $10 discount on orders over $30 with code LUV4.
  2. Explore new releases, coloring books, satire, dysfunctional relationships, poetry, and children’s books.
  3. Chinese Lunar New Year-themed books with dragons.
  4. Offer ends on February 16.
  5. Everyday free shipping on orders over $25.