Say Yes to 30% Off with LOVE30 – Your Style, Your Way 💕

Say Yes to 30% Off with LOVE30 – Your Style, Your Way
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This email was sent February 15, 2024 7:45pm

The email offers a 30% discount on all fashion items with the code LOVE30, inviting recipients to embark on a fashion journey. The promotion encourages individuals to explore new collections, including clothing, dresses, tops, and sale items from Missy-Empire. The message emphasizes embracing one’s unique style for a more stylish, enjoyable, and personalized wardrobe.

Email Text Version:

Start a love affair with fashion! Use LOVE30 for 30% off

Say yes to more style, more fun, more you! Get 30% off with code LOVE30. Embrace your unique style and shine all season!

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Email Key Summary:

  • Discount Offer: 30% off on all items
  • Promo Code: Use code LOVE30 during checkout
  • Brand Focus: Missy-Empire’s latest collections highlighted
  • Product Categories: New-In, Clothing, Dresses, Tops, Sale
  • Personalization Message: Encouragement to embrace individual style
  • Campaign Date & Time: Sent on February 15, 2024, at 7:45 pm
  • Call to Action: Urges recipients to “Say yes” and “Shop Now” for more style and fun.